Hello All! My name is Gabi Lourigan.  I’m a sophomore theatre major at Clemson.  I spend basically all of my time in Brooks either studying or working in the shop as a carpenter.  I’m originally from San Antonio, Texas, but I moved to South Carolina when I was four years old, so I don’t really consider myself a Texan.  I was essentially raised here, in South Carolina.  I grew up just north of Columbia in a little suburb called Irmo.  It’s a small, quaint town with a few high schools and mainly residential areas.  I graduated from Dutch Fork High School in May of 2012.  During high school, I took mainly honors and AP classes, and did well in school.  As far as my interests, high school wasn’t much different from now, I was passionate about band and theatre and spent any time that I could taking more classes and learning more about these two fine arts.

I’m a member of the Tiger Band at Clemson where I march sousaphone.  In concert band, I serenade people on my euphonium and I can blast you away with my trombone in the Jazz Band, the Jungaleers.  This next semester, I have huge opportunities in the theatre world.  I am stage managing the first show that the department is putting on, Late: A Cowboy Song.  This is a huge responsibility and I’m very excited to be able to be a part of the production and have such a large role.  After Late finishes, Mamma Mia, the travelling Broadway production, will begin moving into the Brooks stage.  I am fortunate enough to have landed a gig on the crew for Mamma Mia, therefore I will be missing approximately fifteen days of class and do nothing but crew Mamma Mia.  I’m extremely excited about that.  It is a huge opportunity and I cannot wait to show everyone what I am capable of.

When I’m not doing theatre or band events, I spend my time in the shop at the Brooks Center.  If you’ve walked by, you’ve probably heard me sawing and hammering, building various things that are required for shows and use around Brooks.  I’m also an avid reader and I show large support in the LGBT society.  I am a member of CGSA, Clemson’s own Gay Straight Alliance.  It is a very important topic to me, that I, as a bisexual, have the same rights as a straight couple.  Also, I believe that living in the south, we are automatically sheltered from liberal thinking.  Therefore, I think that everyone should at least understand the other side, whether they agree or not, is a different story!